Information on Kyoto

The prefectural capital is Kyoto.

Kyoto is in contact with Fukui Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, and Osaka. The geographical feature is making the long and slender form north and south. Mountain land is located in a northern part. And a basin is located in the central part. Climate is divided into the Sea of Japan type and an inland type. About 78% of the farmland in Kyoto is a paddy field. And about 62% of paddy fields are making rice. Remaining about 38% is making a soybean, an azuki bean, and vegetables as a field.

A fishing has coastal fishery and offshore fishing.
Kyoto is blessed with tourist attractions. The central part has a hot spring. And a northern part has temples, such as a kiyomizu temple, a kinkaku temple, etc. of world heritage.

A cities, towns and villages list is here.

Ranking of Kyoto
Item National ranking Outline
Area (2009) The 31st place 4,613 square kilometers
The number of cities, wards, towns, and villages (2010) The 31st place 26 cities, towns and villages
Population (2008) The 13th place 2,558,542 persons
Number of households (2008) The 12th place 1096291 households
People-of-the-prefecture gross product (substance) (2007) The 13th place 10,985,845 (unit: 1 million yen)