Information on Nagasaki Prefecture

The prefectural capital is Nagasaki.

Nagasaki Prefecture touches Saga Prefecture. It is surrounded by the sea except it. Moreover, about 600 island is located in Nagasaki Prefecture. Although area is 1/20 of Hokkaido, the coastline is 4,203 km in length. It is the 2nd length in Japan. Moreover, Nagasaki Prefecture has a port of 83.
Nagasaki Prefecture produces various foods for geographical feature with features.

A sasebo city has a naval port. And there is a base of the Ground Self Defense Force, the Maritime Self Defense Force, and the U.S. Seventh Fleet.

The sightseeing of Nagasaki Prefecture is popular. Huis Ten Bosch reproducing the rows of houses of Europe is famous.

A cities, towns and villages list is here.

Ranking of Nagasaki
Item National ranking Outline
Area (2009) The 36st place 4,105 square kilometers
The number of cities, wards, towns, and villages (2010) The 37st place 21 cities, towns and villages
Population (2008) The 27th place 1,469,197 persons
Number of households (2008) The 27th place 606559 households
People-of-the-prefecture gross product (substance) (2007) The 34th place 4,675,806 (unit: 1 million yen)