Information on Yamanashi Prefecture

The prefectural capital is Kofu.

Yamanashi Prefecture is surrounded by Mt. Fuji, Minami-Alps, Mt. Yatsugatake, and chichibu mountain land. About 78% of Yamanashi Prefecture is a forest. It makes abundant water. The quantity of production of mineral water is the 1st in Japan. Yamanashi Prefecture is a brand-name-spring-water place which accounts for about 40 percent of Japan.
Yamanashi Prefecture is famous for the place of production of fruit.

A grape, a peach, and a Japanese plum are the 1st quantity of production in Japan. The linear motor car which is due to be operated in 2025 is examining by the linear experiment line of Yamanashi Prefecture. A linear motor car is 500 km/h. And it is about 1 hour from Tokyo to Osaka. It is a vehicle of the quickest land in the world.

A cities, towns and villages list is here.

Ranking of Yamanashi
Item National ranking Outline
Area (2009) The 32st place 4,201 square kilometers
The number of cities, wards, towns, and villages (2010) The 29st place 27 cities, towns and villages
Population (2008) The 41th place 871,481 persons
Number of households (2008) The 42th place 330911 households
People-of-the-prefecture gross product (substance) (2007) The 41th place 3,779,921 (unit: 1 million yen)