Information of Japan

About Japan
Japan is an island country. And the Japanese Islands and a surrounding island are made into a territory.
About 70% of countries are mountain ranges, and the surroundings are surrounded by the sea. Moreover, the island (mainland 5 island + detached island 6847 island) of 6852 is located in Japan.
The capital in Japan is Tokyo. And Tokyo is also the center of Japanese economy. City GDP is the 1st in the world.

Area of Japan
Area of Japan measures about 380,000 km2. It is the 60th in the world. And sea area (exclusive economic zone) measures 4,470,000 km2. It is the 6th in the world.
The area of main main islands is Hokkaido 77984 km2, Honshu 227972 km2, Shikoku 18301 km2, Kyushu 36750 km2, and 1208 km2 of Okinawa.

Population of Japan
Population of Japan is the 10th in the world for about 128 million people. However, it is predicted that in 50 years will be 86,740,000 people. Incidentally, Tokyo has a population of about 13 million.

Climate of Japan
Most Japan belongs to the Temperate Zone. Therefore, there is the four seasons. And temperature differs from climate greatly in spring, summer, fall and winter.
Moreover, climate of Japan changes with areas. Northern Hokkaido is subarctic climate and its cold of winter is severe. Southern Okinawa is subtropical climate and high-temperature all the year round. And There are many typhoons of Japan in October from July.

Basic information of Japan
Official language
Circle (JPY)
National anthem
The number of all prefectures
The number of cities, towns and villages
5,458,900 million dollars (the 3rd in world) (2010)
4,309,500 million dollars (the 3rd in world) (2010)
A gross area of Japan
377947 km2 (the 60th in world)
Population of Japan
127,057,860 persons (the 10th in world)
The number of Japanese Shima
The highest mountain in Japan
Mt. Fuji 3776 m (Yamanashi Shizuoka)
The largest lake in Japan
Lake Biwa 670.3 km2 (Shiga)
The longest river in Japan
Shinano River 367?
The largest island in Japan
Etorofu 3182.7km2 (Hokkaido)
World heritage of Japan
16 (Cultural Heritage 12, Natural Heritage 4)