Information on Shimane Prefecture

The prefectural capital is Matsue.

Shimane Prefecture is in the Sea of Japan side in the Chugoku district. Moreover, it is in contact with Tottori Prefecture, the Yamaguchi prefecture, and Hiroshima Prefecture.
In the fishing port in Shimane, many fish and shellfishes are landed. The fishing ports of the center are an etomo fishing port, a hamada fishing port, and a wae fishing port. And the fish catch thing is shipped to the Central Wholesale Market in Tokyo or Hanshin.

The tourist resort in Shimane Prefecture is popular. Especially Izumo Shrine famous for the god of marriage and the Iwami silver mine of world heritage are famous.

A cities, towns and villages list is here.

Ranking of Shimane
Item National ranking Outline
Area (2009) The 17st place 6,708 square kilometers
The number of cities, wards, towns, and villages (2010) The 36st place 21 cities, towns and villages
Population (2008) The 46th place 733,123 persons
Number of households (2008) The 45th place 273450 households
People-of-the-prefecture gross product (substance) (2007) The 45th place 2,788,122 (unit: 1 million yen)